Young Danish Photography '19

©Emilie Lundstrøm, Bjerghesten, Steall Bàn, 2019
  • Jeppe Lange
  • Emilie Lundstrøm
  • Søren Lilholt
  • Alexander Peitersen
  • Louise Haugaard Jørgensen
  • Rosalina Kruse Serup

Young Danish Photography is a recurring exhibition series at Fotografisk Center, and this year we welcome six visual artists who work with time, movement and materiality in relation to the image and the photographic process. Each one is very different; together, they offer a glimpse into the current art-photography scene.

The theme for 2019 is ’passage’ and it is reflected in markedly different ways in the individual works. For some of the artists, it means an investigative gaze approaching that of the anthropologist - for others, it is an opportunity to dive phenomenologically into the photographic material. Some works are easy to recognize as photography, while others experimentally engage with what the medium can be and do. There are both conceptual approaches and immersion in the material - and works that embrace both at once.

There are powerful and singular expressions that are more sharply contrasted in each other’s company, precisely because of their differences, while the overall theme is never far away in any of them.

The exhibition is curated by Anna Krogh in cooperation with Fotografisk Center.

The exhibition is made possible with support from: The City of Copenhagen, The Danish Arts Council, DGI Byen, DJ:Photographers & Gloria Cinema

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