Char Davies: Osmose (1995) Ephémère (1998)

©Char Davies, Tree Pond Osmose (1995) digital frame captured in real time during live performance
  • Char Davies

Char Davies created the immersive virtual artworks Osmose (1995) and Ephémère (1998) in the early years of VR (virtual reality) technology. Long considered landmarks in new media art, they enable “immersants” to explore luminous forest landscapes through breathing and balance. First exhibited 27 years ago (Osmose) and 24 years ago (Ephémère), they have been fully restored and are exhibited here in their original form, as an installation offering solitary immersive journeys with live audio/video for the audience.

This exhibition speaks to all demographics - to slightly older generations who experienced the technical revolution that followed the lunar landing in 1969, to the middle-aged, who grew up with the proliferation of the PC and the first VR arcade games, and to younger people who have never known a world that is not constantly online.

With Davies’ cult status, the exhibition also caters to those interested in the history of virtual reality and the development of new media art. In addition to presenting the audience with an opportunity to experience these ground-breaking and historic artworks, the exhibition also raises questions about the increasing digitalization of our lives in a world in which non-human nature is disappearing.

The exhibition is part of a collaboration focusing on new media art with DGI-Byen which will show the exhibition Art and Video Games in Øksnehallen during the summer 2022. Read more:… 

Char Davies' team consists of the Creative team: John Harrison, Georges Mauro, Dorota Blaszczak and Rick Bidlack, the Exhibition management: Colin Griffiths and Tanya Das Neves and the Restoration and research team: Glen Fraser, Benedikt Wolff and Daniel Chudak

In connection with the exhibition an artist talk took place Thursday June 9 from 16.30-18 with the artists Char Davies (CA) and Jakob Kudsk Steensen (DK) about Virtual Reality art and the recurring themes, including nature and the environment, in their artistic practices. The conversation is recorded and can be accessed via this link here.

The exhibition has been made possible with generous support from the Danish Arts Foundation, the Obel Family Foundation, Augustinus Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, DGI Byen, DJ:Fotograferne & The City of Copenhagen.

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