Dialogue exhibition: Marie Sjøvold and Astrid Kruse Jensen: The Past Ahead of Me

© Astrid Kruse Jensen, The Room Of Eternity
  • Astrid Kruse Jensen
  • Marie Sjøvold

The visual artists Marie Sjøvold and Astrid Kruse Jensen both use the photographic medium primarily and use experience and memory from their own lives and their own history in their respective artistic practice. They both experiment with photographic techniques and a have a common visual sensibility with poetic, almost dreamy imagery. The idea of the exhibition is that they should create new works in dialogue with each other's practices, and in that way perhaps push things in a slightly different direction, so that the sum of the collaboration becomes greater than the individual parts. There is thus an element of experimentation in the exhibition, while at the same time the two artists are allowed to unfold in their own uniqueness.

At Fotografisk Center, we think it is interesting with dialogue exhibitions, where two artists meet each other rather than the classic, monolithic solo exhibition. We would therefore like to invite every one or two years, two artists who we believe have something interesting to say to each other - either visually or in terms of content - to enter into dialogue. This is the second exhibition in the series.

The exhibition has been made possible with support from: The City of Copenhagen, The Danish Arts Foundation, DGI Byen, DJ:Fotograferne, Gloria Cinema & The Obel Family Foundation.

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